Ask for new features => need admin agreement


I think file output for DRC would be nice, is it possible ? Can I open
this as "new feature" ?



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Le 2018-06-08 00:46, 'Don Lucas' [tinycad]
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> At the very least, check out the new TinyCAD site at . It is there specifically for people to share symbols, but it also has a better on-line version of the user manual.
> Don
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> Subject: [tinycad] New library components in TinyCAD
> I'm getting ready to start a new schematic and realize a handful of library components I will need are not available. I understand that I will need to create this components myself. Is there any advice the group can recommend before I put time into this process? I would eventually like to use my final schematic to build a PCB. Is there anything I should be aware of when building library components that will make this easier in the future?
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