Inserting picture in Tinycad 3.00

I had inserted a picture into a schematic in Tiny Cad Now when opening the schematic, it shows invalid format for the picture. When reinserting the same picture into Tinycad 3.. it will not inser the picture, just shows 4 small dots until the mouse is released thaen the balck dots dissapear and no picture is present to resize as required.

any ideas.

Kev M


  • Hi Kev,

    If you email me the file, I will take a look for you.


  • I have the same problem. I just downloaded TinyCad 3.00.00 and was just trying out features.

    I get the 4 dots and no image. I just chose a random image from my picture file. Is there a limit on the size of the image?

  • Bob, no the problem is that the JPEG import in TinyCAD 3.00 is broken. I will issue a new version shortly.

  • Thank you

  • Just to let you (and everyone else) know the new version has been released.

  • Sorry, still some problem on importing EMF file format...

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