A few suggestions to improve TinyCAD

Hi - I've been using TC for years and love it. It's soooo great to see it updated and improved. CAn I make some suggested improvements though? Nothing big, but just little niggles that annoy me slightly most days:

1) When editing a component, it would be great to be able to select multiple pins and change their orientation, length etc all at once.

2) Notes would look nicer if the text was centred rather than left aligned.

3) An option to change the design details for ALL the sheets in one place.

4) The ability to move sheets left or right in their tab position.

Many thanks,



  • Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the feedback. I will look at adding these features in the next release.


  • Hi Folks, not wishing to jump on the "suggestions" bandwagon here but...

    As a "hobbyist" user of TinyCad, usually with VeeCAD, or sometimes with FreePCB if things start to get "complicated" the thing I would find really useful is the ability to create or import blocks of text. It doesn't need to be fancy, just the ability to create multi line notes on the page.

    At the moment I have to either convert the text to an image and import it or export the schematic to an image and then edit that. Both these methods work but you end up with multiple files to maintain and it becomes a pain when you need to tweak things later...

    Apologies if this can already be done and I've "missed" how, and apologies again for jumping on the bandwagon!

    Just a thought!

    Happy Christmas!

    Andy B.

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