Symbol Creation problem

I have drawn a representation of a circuit board showing the connection points that i tried to save as a symbol so I could "rubber stamp" it into TinyCad drawings where I would add notes and lines to illustrate connections as documentation for a project. I admit this is not the usual use for TinyCad but I find it is a great tool for creating documentation diagrams. I am going to upload
a file Desired Symbol.dsn that shows a copy/paste of the drawing I made and tried to save as a symbol, and the results of the saved symbol. I guess there is some limit for a symbol that I exceeded . Can anyone advise, and is there a work-around other than just copy/paste from a drawing? The concern with that method is that something could get accidentally nudged or deleted. I have successfully saved each of the connector types used in the drawing as symbols.

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  • If you create it as a symbol then things can't get modified when it is used on a drawing. If you want to make connections to the symbol then you will have to put pins on it when you create it.

    (You can name pins alpha-numeric if you want: eg. A4, B9...)

    If not just make it as a graphic only then you can draw over it to indicate different functionality but it will have no connectivity which is required for a PCB design or similar.

    You could create the symbol as a combination of the two with some pins to which you can attach wires and other 'spots' to just indicate functionality.

    (It really depends a lot on what you are trying to do.)

    What you may be looking for is hierarchy where you can create symbols using other symbols. This gets quite complicated and in the past I have never got it working successfully in TinyCAD but have not tried again recently. Also the upper level symbol does not show the lower level symbols inside it.

    I have only used hierarchy successfully in (DOS) PCAD and FPGA/CPLD design software.
    Hope that helps ( a bit)


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