Converting a Heathkit Wattmeter to PEAK reading

First, let me congratulate the developers of Tinycad. Good Job guys!!.
I am an Electrical Engineer and Software developer (C++ and C and VB) so I know how many hours you guys spent developing TINYCAD. It is the schematic drawing program I have always wished was available. I assume lots of guys on here are Amateur Radio operators so let me make an offer.
I have developed a circuit for converting a Heathkit HM102 wattmeter to Peak reading and if anyone wants the Tinycad diagram for this let me know. No Warranties expressed or implied. If you want it, ask for the W3BK PEP ADAPTER. I'll email you the Tinycad source file.
Keep up the good work and best 73
Paul W3BK
Pittsburgh, PA

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